"Worthy People | Worthy Cause" invites you to support The Worthy People Project through a tax-deductible year-end donation.

The mission of The Worthy People Project is to curate worth in every individual by telling the stories of everyday people and inviting you to self-discovery.

Earlier this year, The Worthy People Project took some exciting steps!

First, we became a non-profit!
It just didn't feel right to remain a for-profit. Our mission didn't fit that model, so we made the decision to seek a Non-Profit Fiscal Sponsor so that we could have non-profit status and yet focus our energies on doing what we do best. We found the perfect fiscal sponsor in The Social Good Fund. This means all donations are tax-deductible!

Second, we gained a professional photographer!
We are so thrilled to have Alicia Cory from ShoTcha photography as part of The Worthy People Project team. Her photos are stunning and they show off the very best parts of each and every person. 

Third, we are making plans to expand our project team!
In the near future, we will open up two positions: an editor and a sponsorship coordinator. Ultimately, the goal is to compensate these individuals (and also the photographer) as contract positions. Our goal is to have much of our future fundraising goals met by corporate and business sponsors in order to make this a reality. 

Fourth, we are dreaming big dreams!
Of course, we will continue to tell the stories of everyday people, but the dream is to grow this project into an in-person experience through events and workshops. Particularly, the goal is to offer a workshop(s) that allows individuals to explore their personality, strengths, struggles, and their story in order to realize their own worth and be free to grow into who they were created to be. These workshops would be in partnership with other qualified individuals in the areas of personality, strengths, and spiritual directorship. These workshops would not be considered therapy, but instead an invitation to self-discovery.
I'm sure you've heard the phrase "hurt people hurt people." Well, it's our belief that "healed people heal people."

There are exciting days ahead and we invite you to be a part of curating worth in people's lives. It isn't hard to think of all the ways people feel under attack by negative voices within and without. It is our goal to be a positive presence in this world.

Won't you join us? Make a donation today!


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